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Last round of parallel sessions under way!

Snapshots of presenters and participants in the four plenaries. After this round of parallel sessions, it’s back to the plenary room to report back. There’ll be two keynote speeches, and then the Chair of the LEG will wrap up. Of course, we will be posting from the plenary room; but if you missed any of our blog entries […]

Last parallel thematic session to start after lunch

These sessions will take place simultaneously after lunch, after which there will be a summary presentation to the plenary of key issues or messages that emerged in those sessions.  I. Considerations of gender and vulnerable groups facilitated by Aarjan Dixit, CARE Country experiences highlighting tools and methods II. A focus on agriculture and water sectors, GWP […]

Parallel sessions underway now.

The first round of parallel sessions for today are underway. These are as follows. I. Formulating medium- to long-term implementation strategies facilitated by Bubu Jallow, The Gambia  Defining national criteria for prioritizing implementation of adaptation, Ugyen Tshering, Bhutan Quantifying costs of adaptation, Isatou Camara, The Gambia Lessons learned from developing adaptation programmes under the GEF, Roland […]

Second and final day of NAP Expo 2015 begins

The second and final day of NAP Expo 2015 starts at 9am with reflections on the parallel sessions that took place yesterday. This will be followed by a plenary panel discussion on the role of regional networks in supporting adaptation plans and policies, moderated by Mr. Saleem Huq of International Centre for Climate Change and Development. Presenters […]

Parallel thematic sessions continue after lunch

Session III Parallel thematic sessions I. Agriculture sector in the process to formulate and implement NAPs Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, World Food Programme This session will showcase FAO’s and WFP’s existing programs and initiatives on the agriculture sector, including fisheries and forestry, specifically, on how it supports the process to formulate and […]

Quick facts: NAPs in a nutshell

What is the NAP process? The National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process helps countries conduct comprehensive medium- and long-term climate adaptation planning. It is a flexible process that builds on each country’s existing adaptation activities and helps integrate climate change into national decision-making. The Parties to the UNFCCC established the NAP process in 2011 in Durban, […]

NAP Expo parallel sessions begin

The NAP Expo will be organized in an interactive manner with a limited number of plenary sessions and a focus on parallel sessions to stimulate discussions and maximize exchange of information and sharing of experiences. The first session begins in 15 minutes. Session II Parallel thematic sessions 1. Applying technical guidelines for the process to formulate and […]

LIVE UPDATES: Opening of the #NAPExpo 2015

9.10am Mr. Batu Uprety, LEG Chair: The NAP process allows countries to achieve coherence in adaptation efforts at the national level by addressing current and future needs on adaptation, including links to international processes. 9.16am Mr Amena Yauvoli, SBI Chair: Governments recognise the importance of adaptation planning and implementation, knowing that adaptation choices in the near future will affect the […]