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Last round of parallel sessions under way!

Snapshots of presenters and participants in the four plenaries. After this round of parallel sessions, it’s back to the plenary room to report back. There’ll be two keynote speeches, and then the Chair of the LEG will wrap up. Of course, we will be posting from the plenary room; but if you missed any of our blog entries […]

Last parallel thematic session to start after lunch

These sessions will take place simultaneously after lunch, after which there will be a summary presentation to the plenary of key issues or messages that emerged in those sessions.  I. Considerations of gender and vulnerable groups facilitated by Aarjan Dixit, CARE Country experiences highlighting tools and methods II. A focus on agriculture and water sectors, GWP […]

Regional networks share experiences at first plenary session

“Global and regional networks are vital for adaptation,” Professor Masataka Watanabe, Chair, Global Adaptation Network Successes in capitalising on regional synergies and shared vulnerabilities to find adaptation solutions featured in this morning’s plenary session at this year’s NAP Expo.  Regional networks and organisations set up to address climate change and climate change and climate change […]

Reflections on Day 1 parallel sessions

Moderators of yesterday’s parallel sessions presented reflections to the plenary first thing this morning. The session on data and information requirements for adaptation led by UNESCO yielded three key messages: that national data planners still face data gaps and a lack of access and availability to data; that scenarios should be developed for user groups (e.g., […]

Second and final day of NAP Expo 2015 begins

The second and final day of NAP Expo 2015 starts at 9am with reflections on the parallel sessions that took place yesterday. This will be followed by a plenary panel discussion on the role of regional networks in supporting adaptation plans and policies, moderated by Mr. Saleem Huq of International Centre for Climate Change and Development. Presenters […]

First day of NAP Expo 2015 closes on lively discussions

Lively, intensive discussions featured throughout the first day of this year’s NAP Expo. Participants from a wide variety of backgrounds shared challenges, experiences and best practices in all aspects of adaptation, in nine parallel sessions after scene-setting presentations by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) and the Adaptation Committee (AC). Join us again tomorrow at […]