Last parallel thematic session to start after lunch

These sessions will take place simultaneously after lunch, after which there will be a summary presentation to the plenary of key issues or messages that emerged in those sessions. 

I. Considerations of gender and vulnerable groups facilitated by Aarjan Dixit, CARE

  • Country experiences highlighting tools and methods

II. A focus on agriculture and water sectors, GWP and FAO

  • Consultation on the existing supplementary materials for water and agriculture

III. Envisioning a NAP process at the country level facilitated by Thinley Namgyel and Jan Verhagen, LEG Members

  • Element A. Laying the groundwork and address gaps
  • Element B. Preparatory Elements
  • Element C. Implementation Strategies
  • Element D. Reporting, Monitoring and Review

IV. Mobilizing financial and technical support for the process to formulate and implement NAPs facilitated by John Furlow, USAID

  • What are available forms of support and how can countries mobilize resources to finance NAP activities?


A summary presentation of the parallel sessions takes place at about 16:30, followed by a plenary session on the topics of Flood risks in a changing climate and Successful Adaptation scheduled for 17:00. There will be a short closing address at 18:00 by the LEG Chair.