NAP Expo 2015 is closed.


Mr Batu Uprety, Chair of the LEG, formally closed NAP Expo 2015:
“I would like to recognise the contribution and very active participation of the Parties for sharing their valuable initiatives to address the impacts of climate change adaptation at the national and local levels.” 

“Your initiatives in formulating the medium and long-term implementation strategies, integrating climate change adaptation into development planning, institutionalising coordination mechanism, collaborating and networking with relevant partners and stakeholders, and initiating efforts to mobilise financial support are, I think, instrumental building blocks for the process to formulate and implement NAPs.”

“We have heard several key messages, and they send us a clear signal that we need a robust mandate, clear understanding on communication and feedback systems, strengthened institutions, cooperation and collaboration, and engagement with stakeholders with adequate funding and capacity building components.”

 Mr. Uprety expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in the organisation and facilitation of the Expo, including facilitators, moderators, sponsors, and also those who volunteered to act as rapporteurs in the parallel sessions.

ALL PRESENTATIONS are available under their respective sessions in the SCHEDULE section.