Parallel thematic sessions continue after lunch


Session III Parallel thematic sessions

I. Agriculture sector in the process to formulate and implement NAPs
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, World Food Programme

This session will showcase FAO’s and WFP’s existing programs and initiatives on the agriculture sector, including fisheries and forestry, specifically, on how it supports the process to formulate and implement NAPs. They will also provide details on their future engagement on the NAP process.

II. Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation in practice and synergies with the Convention on Biological Diversity
Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity

This session will showcase the role of biodiversity and ecosystems services in assisting people to adapt to climate change, and their inclusion as part of an overall adaptation strategy. Presentations in this session will highlight the successes that have been achieved using ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation, and discuss ways to strengthen and upscale current efforts.

III. Supporting monitoring and evaluation of adaptation at the national level
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)

This session will address questions on how M&E of the NAP process and M&E of adaptation outcomes differ. It will tackle challenges inherent in measuring adaptation and currently existing possible methods and approaches. The session is also an opportunity to share country cases presenting national M&E systems and peer-to-peer exchange.

IV. Meeting of the NAP technical working group (CI, GWP, ICIMOD, LEG)

Meeting of the working group on supplements to the technical guidelines to explore coherence and integrated approaches and methods. Limited participation.