LIVE UPDATES: Opening of the #NAPExpo 2015

9.10am Mr. Batu Uprety, LEG Chair: The NAP process allows countries to achieve coherence in adaptation efforts at the national level by addressing current and future needs on adaptation, including links to international processes.

9.16am Mr Amena Yauvoli, SBI Chair: Governments recognise the importance of adaptation planning and implementation, knowing that adaptation choices in the near future will affect the risks of climate change throughout this century and will accrue benefits over different timeframes. Many countries have moved into a new phase of adaptation planning and integration that accompanies increased recognition of the complex linkages between contributing factors to vulnerability and the complexity in anticipating the impacts of adaptation measures in a changing climate. The NAP Expo’s multidisciplinary, multi-agency nature is intended to help participants navigate this new phase.

Session I: Introductory presentations

Mr. Juan Hoffmaister, Adaptation Committee providing updates on Adaptation Committee activities, including collaborations with the LEG, NAP Task Force updates and monitoring and evaluation. “We need a more transformational approach for adaptation.” He emphasised the importance of a positive learning environment. “It is important that we are okay with failure, that we are okay with learning.”

 Mr. Batu Uprety, LEG Chair. Overview of the NAP Process and LEG support and guidance to countries.

Slides from the presentations will be available online. Do stay tuned for details.