NAP Expo parallel sessions begin

The NAP Expo will be organized in an interactive manner with a limited number of plenary sessions and a focus on parallel sessions to stimulate discussions and maximize exchange of information and sharing of experiences. The first session begins in 15 minutes.

Session II Parallel thematic sessions

1. Applying technical guidelines for the process to formulate and implement NAPs
Least Developed Countries Expert Group

The session/clinic with the LEG focuses on how to apply and align the NAP technical guidelines with country processes. This also provides the opportunity to solicit firsthand guidance from the LEG on applying the NAP technical guidelines.

2. Data and information requirements for adaptation
World Meteorological Organisation, Global Framework for Climate Services, UNESCO

The session will explore how scientific data, information and indigenous knowledge can support climate change adaptation. Background presentation(s) from invited experts will set the stage for a moderated panel discussion in which experts representing countries and practitioners will discuss issues related to data availability and access, hazard characterization and prediction, and risk and impact assessment. The discussions will draw from concrete country examples.

3. Building national capacities for the process to formulate and implement NAPs.
NAP-Global Support Programme (UNDP, UNEP)

A showcase of country experiences on the NAPA and how it builds the way towards launching the process to formulate and implement NAPs. The session will also discuss the existing support windows under the NAP-GSP, specifically, on building the capacities of countries for adaptation planning.

4. Meeting of the NAP technical working group (CI, GWP, ICIMOD, LEG)

Meeting of a working group on supplements to the technical guidelines to explore coherence and integrated approaches and methods. Limited participation.

 Moderators will report back to the plenary tomorrow morning.