1.3.4 UN4NAPs Forum: Identification of bankable projects for NAP implementation (presentations by countries and UN4NAPs partner organizations, including UNU and WMO)

In the UN4NAPs Forum, country representatives are invited to present and discuss their challenges and needs for technical assistance related to NAP formulation and implementation and learn about opportunities for support from the network of UN4NAPs partner organizations.

The sessions take a country- and needs-driven approach and focus on needs for technical assistance, including related to climate hazards as well as best practices related to the identification of bankable projects, and to how migration and human displacement, and how subnational and urban perspectives can be integrated in NAP formulation and implementation.

In addition, bilateral meetings with partner organizations will be facilitated upon request by countries. Contact: un4naps@unfccc.int

UN4NAPs is a UN-wide rapid technical backstopping initiative for National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), launched in 2021 by the UNFCCC secretariat, in response to mandates for engaging international organizations in support of climate change adaptation.

The UN4NAPs initiative, after receiving requests for technical assistance from countries, identifies relevant organizations from its network of partners from across the UN and beyond to address these requests, tailored to the respective needs of countries.

More information about UN4NAPs: https://unfccc.int/UN4NAPs.


Identification of bankable projects for NAP implementation

Draft agenda

More information:

UNU-EHS (2020): Economics of Climate Adaptation Tool.

WMO (2022): Developing the Climate Science Information for Climate Action


More information on the UN4NAPs sessions is available here: UN4NAPs at the Chile Global Adaptation Week 2023.

Location: Gran Aysen Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm