Visa information

It is the responsibility of all delegates to check if they require a visa to enter Chile or a transit visa for any countries they may be traveling through.

If a visa is required, the secretariat can assist in getting letters of support from the Chilean Government.

If you require a letter, please let the UNFCCC Secretariat know no later than 10 March 2023.

Chile has provided the following guidance:

  • Foreign citizens should hold a valid passport with six months validity to enter Chile.
  • Nationals of countries who require a visa to enter Chile must apply for a transitory stay visa, before their arrival in Chile through the following website:
  • In order to facilitate the process, visa applicants are required to send an email to and indicating the following information: name, passport type, passport number, and most importantly “SAC CIUDADANO” number (this is the number the system will provide to identify your application)

COVID-19 Requirements:

At the time of embarking to Chile, the person must comply with the following:

  • Certificate of vaccination issued in the country where they were vaccinated.
  • If the traveler does not have the vaccination schedule, they must show a negative result in a PCR test within a maximum of 48 hours from departure.
  • Everybody may be subjected to a random Covid test upon arrival.
  • From January 1st, people traveling from China must do a PCR prior to traveling to and entering Chile.