2.2.1 Earth observations for accurate and timely adaptation action (GEO Group)

The session will showcase the value of integrating Earth observations into climate adaptation planning and monitoring across different sectors, including agriculture and land, coastal zones management, water management and disaster risk reduction. GEO initiatives will also explore avenues for collaboration through the development of supplemental guidance for the technical implementation of NAPs, and through the Open NAPs. It will feature the most successful GEO initiatives of GEO Global Agricultural Monitoring Initiative (GEOGLAM), GEO Blue Planet, GEO Global Water Sustainability (GEOGloWS) and Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa). Several country representatives will also discuss their experience in co-developing and using Earth observation-based services and tools with GEOGLAM, Blue Planet, GEOGloWS, and DE Africa.

Organizers: GEO 


Location: Okavango 1 Date: August 23, 2022 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm