LIVE NEWS FEED from the opening sessions of NAP Expo 2014

9.25am: Batu Uprety, Chairman of the LEG:
“Many LDCS are working to implement their NAP process. Much has been achieved, yet further challenges remain.”
NAP Expo 2014 Opening
9.30am: Youssef Nassef, UNFCCC Adaptation Coordinator:
“News headlines show adaptation advancement! Adaptation is being scaled up under the UNFCCC.”
NAP Expo 2014 Opening Session
10am: Prakash Mathema, LDC Chair:
“The less you mitigate, the more funding is needed for adaptation.”

10.15am: Anand Patwardhan, GEF/STAP, University of Maryland:
“Can private investment provide public co-benefits in addition to private returns?”

NAP Expo 2014  - session 1
10.30am: Ben Preston, IPCC/ORNL:
“Assessing and managing climate risk – How much climate change can we adapt to?”
NAP Expo 2014
11.30: Hassan Virji, START:
“Training and capacity-building is essential for effective adaptation and growing future leaders – the African Climate Change Fellowship Program (ACCFP) is making a difference. New directions: Pan-Asia Risk Reduction Fellowship Program (PARR), PROVIA-START Fellowships.”