LIVE NEWS FEED from the opening session of Day 2 NAP Expo 2014

NAP Expo 2014
9.15am: Andrew Takawira, GWP:
“In economic assessments of climate change adaptation, we need to strongly highlight the cost of INACTION”

NAP Expo 2014
9.45am: Saleemul Huq, ICCCAD / PROVIA / IIED
“Capacity development takes time… it is a long term, necessary investment to ensure adaptation is integrated.”

NAP Expo 2014
9.50am: Saleemul Huq, ICCCAD / PROVIA / IIED
“Here’s a principle for NAP process that must be adopted – Adaptation must prioritise the vulnerable.”
Going beyond victimhood to leadership.

10.15am: Juan Hoffmaister, Adaptation Commmitttee“We need to learn by doing. The 1st generation of Adaptation (NAPAs) should inform the 2nd generation (NAPs). How are we doing it differently would indicate if we are learning or not…”