1.3.3 Guidance and design of adaptation programmes: Keynote Speakers Roundtable

There is increasing good practice in developing projects and programmes to address adaptation needs in major sectors and systems, often in the form of sectoral guides under the funds and from major communities of practice. This session, involving the keynote speakers, will explore what the best available guidance is for the design and development of effective adaptation projects and programmes in priority areas. Panelists with be challenged to envision an outcome in relevant sectors or some common systems, then to backcast and identify what programmes would lead to those outcomes. Besides a focus on agriculture and food systems, the session will also discuss ecosystems and conservation of biodiversity, as well as life and safety in the context of climate extremes, and other relevant sectors/systems. The session is designed to promote the application of best practice in addressing common vulnerabilities and risks in the countries through the NAPs. 

Guiding Questions 

  • What are major approaches to addressing key vulnerabilities and risks in the main sectors and systems around agriculture and food systems, ecosystems and urban systems? 
  • How should these be best integrated into the NAPs? 
  • What are opportunities for muti-country collaboration? 
  • Are there flagship programmes that countries should align with, including examples of recently funded projects that can act as good examples? 

Interactive discussion – no powerpoint presentations