NAP Expo 2014 opens in Bonn

The NAP Expo 2014 opened in Bonn on 8 August 2014. The 2-day event is being attended by more than 200 representatives, comprising government ministerial delegates from 47 Least Developed Countries, as well as non-LDC government representatives, and adaptation experts from donor organisations, NGOs, universities, and UN agencies.

The sessions aim to support the process of integrating climate change adaptation into new and existing policies, programmes and activities.

Mr. Batu Uprety, Chairman of the LEG opened the NAP Expo 2014. He welcomed the delegates to the second NAP Expo, saying “Many Least Developed Countries are now working to implement their National Adaptation Plan process. Much has been achieved, yet further challenges remain.”

Mr. Youssef Nassef, Coordinator, UNFCCC Adaptation under the UNFCCC also addressed the delegates in a keynote speech, saying; “We have come a long way in 10-15 years of active work on adaptation.”

Also in the opening session, Mr. Thingley Namgyel, member of the LEG, outlined the work of the LEG.

Mr. Prakesh Mathema closed the opening session by reflecting on the challenges faced by LDCs, and reviewing the evolution of adaptation needs and gaps for LDCs under the UNFCCC.