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NAP Expo 2014: Review

Representatives from more than 74 countries – including 47 LDCs – gathered to share experiences and to discuss support for the NAP process. > NAP Expo on UNFCCC pages > NAP Expo 2014 Event Blog > Presentations > Online Poster Exhibition Many LDCs are in the process of developing NAP processes. This two-day NAP Expo in Bonn […]

How are the world’s poorest preparing for climate change?

Climate vulnerable countries need to develop plans to deal with future weather extremes. Many LDCS are now working on national adaptation plans to help them cope. By Saleemul Huq For the last decade or so, we have known that human induced climate change will bring adverse impacts around the world.This is likely to hit the […]


5.50pm: Batu Uprety, Chairman of the LEG: “On behalf of the LEG, thank you to this group which has worked hard to come up with recommendations and share learnings to support the NAPs in LDCs.” 6pm: Anjaad Abdulla, Adaptation Committee, Maldives: “This has been a rich discussion. Many of us have benefitted from contemplating what […]

LIVE NEWS FEED from keynote speech from Donald Wilhite

4.15pm: “Access to water is a key climate change concern for countries… The risk is not going away. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’re always got – in terms of risk and vulnerability.” 4.20pm: “We need to get a handle on changing vulnerabilities. Drought impacts are increasing as populations move and […]

LIVE NEWS FEED from the opening session of Day 2 NAP Expo 2014

9.15am: Andrew Takawira, GWP: “In economic assessments of climate change adaptation, we need to strongly highlight the cost of INACTION” 9.45am: Saleemul Huq, ICCCAD / PROVIA / IIED “Capacity development takes time… it is a long term, necessary investment to ensure adaptation is integrated.” 9.50am: Saleemul Huq, ICCCAD / PROVIA / IIED “Here’s a principle […]

NAPs ‘challenges and opportunities’ : The view from Jamaica

THE second annual National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Expo kicked off in Bonn, Germany today, with civil society and other stakeholders gathered to share experience and lessons learnt in order to benefit their respective countries. Blog by Petre Williams-Raynor The meeting comes even as climate change presents a clear and present danger, particularly for developing and […]

LIVE NEWS FEED from the opening sessions of NAP Expo 2014

9.25am: Batu Uprety, Chairman of the LEG: “Many LDCS are working to implement their NAP process. Much has been achieved, yet further challenges remain.” 9.30am: Youssef Nassef, UNFCCC Adaptation Coordinator: “News headlines show adaptation advancement! Adaptation is being scaled up under the UNFCCC.” 10am: Prakash Mathema, LDC Chair: “The less you mitigate, the more funding […]

NAP Expo 2014 opens in Bonn

The NAP Expo 2014 opened in Bonn on 8 August 2014. The 2-day event is being attended by more than 200 representatives, comprising government ministerial delegates from 47 Least Developed Countries, as well as non-LDC government representatives, and adaptation experts from donor organisations, NGOs, universities, and UN agencies. The sessions aim to support the process of integrating climate change […]