Objectives of NAP Expo

The objectives of the NAP process are:

  1. To reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, by building adaptive capacity and resilience;
  2. To facilitate the integration of climate change adaptation, in a coherent manner, into relevant new and existing policies, programmes and activities, in particular development planning processes and strategies, within all relevant sectors and at different levels, as appropriate (decision 5/CP.17, paragraph 1)

The objectives of the NAP Expo are to:

  1.  Serve as a platform for NAP teams, organizations, agencies and other stakeholders to exchange experience, lessons learned and ideas on the NAP process;
  2. Promote and mobilize action and support for the formulation and implementation of national adaptation plans;
  3. Share technical knowledge, including on methods, data and tools;
  4. Identify gaps and needs for effective implementation of NAP processes, to further inform the LEG and other bodies and organizations in their support and guidance to these processes.

Organizers of the Expo

The LDC Expert Group (LEG), supported by the AC and several programmes and organizations (a full list to be published on the NAP Expo webpage).

 Web presence:

 Background information:



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