DSC_5122 Jan Verhagen

Jan Verhagen finished his PhD in soil science at Wageningen University in 1997, since he has been employed by Wageningen UR as senior scientist at the Plant Sciences Group. The research at Wageningen UR focuses on climate change adaptation and mitigation in agricultural systems and includes methodology development and design of sustainable agricultural production systems to address development and climate change issues. The work includes analysis at different scales ranging from field, farm to regional.

Since 2007 he is a member of the LEG, he joined the CGE in 2010 and since 2011 with Canada he is co-chair of the Inventories and Monitoring group of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases.

Jan Verhagen has initiated, coordinated and participated in complex multidisciplinary projects in Europe, Africa and Asia. Activities related to sustainable value chain development linking to the private sector included oil palm, coffee, potato and cotton. He is a generalist in soil science, agronomy and ecology and has experienced in providing practical solution to complex issues requiring integration of knowledge on various fields.

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