Parallel Session 3.4: Development of supportive tools for Climate Change Adaptation Plans (KACCC, MOTIVE)


KACCC has been carrying out various tasks to lead the formation of composing the national climate change adaptation policies and research for the reinforcement of adaptation including the development of its supportive tools. The Model Of Integrated Impact and Vulnerability Evaluation of climate change (MOTIVE) under KACCC began in 2014 as a 7-year project (2014-2020). The main objectives of MOTIVE are to develop an integrated model evaluating the impacts and vulnerabilities of climate change and support the initiation of scientific measures on climate change adaptation effort of South Korea. This session intends to discuss the present and future of the supportive tools for climate change adaptation plans. The overview of MOTIVE project will be introduced and discussed in this session. Speakers will share and discuss the supportive tools associated with the NAPs from national to subnational governments. We hope to develop the interaction through examining the current NAP supportive tools in the perspective of the diverse participants.


  • To identify the status of developing the supportive tools such as MOTIVE;
  • Share precedent experiences when planning and implementing adaptation plans and discuss the key elements which are considered to expand the supportive tools;
  • Contribute to successfully developing tools for adaptation plan.

Expected outcomes

  • Participants will gain an understating of how supportive tools such as MOTIVE can advance the acceleration of progress towards a successful formulation of NAPs, and their effective implementation by providing reliable scientific measures to figure out the impacts stemming from various climate change issues.
  • Participants will also gain awareness of the opportunity to support the initiation of scientific climate change adaptation measures for addressing the whole adaptation cycle from planning initiation-assessment.

Korean sessions
Location: Room 207 Date: April 9, 2019 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm