Parallel Session 3.5: LEG/Open NAP workout – NAP writing workshop (LEG; Jean Palutikof; Kristie Ebi; Leo Zulu, Johann Bell)


The Open NAPs is an initiative for demonstrating technical adaptation planning concepts, testing and developing new innovative approaches, and developing good practices, based on experience with real country situations. A crowdsourcing approach is used to attract specialists in different areas of adaptation planning, while the LEG works with country teams to put together data and information for a case study country. The results from working on the case are shared with the country for their use as appropriate. The specialists include organizations and individuals working on topics sometimes related to the country already, and this creates an outlet for their research, as well as help them establish connections with potential users of their work. The Open NAPs also promote and motivate wider use of major regional or global products such as data, assessment results and models at the national level – ensuring use of best available science. In the recent past, the Open NAPs were used to support regional training workshops in 2017. At least one country was used per region to provide a realistic exploration of data and information from a real country situation. More recently, some countries are requesting to participate in the Open NAPs as a way to receive direct advice and guidance, and peer review of their efforts. In addition, many partner organizations have expressed interest in participating. The overall objective of Open NAPs is to provide an open, collaborative space for advancing national adaptation plans globally, using the best available science, inputs and experience.


  • This session will introduce Open NAPs;
  • Work with interested developing countries in outlining key results of their past work, with a view to contributing towards an edited book on NAPs that is being produced by the LEG.

Expected outcomes

  • Individual authors or groups of authors from developing countries will produce extended outlines for their contribution towards the NAP book project;
  • In addition, interested countries will work through steps under Open NAPs using the framing of the NAP-SDG iFrame to test its applicability.

Link for NAP book at expo

LEG/NAP Technical Working Group
Location: Room 204 Date: April 9, 2019 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Johann Bell Kristie L. Ebi Jean Palutikof