H.KANEMITSU fujitsu Hideyuki Kanemitsu

Hideyuki Kanemitsu is the Head of Corporate Environmental Strategy Unit of Fujitsu Limited who is responsible for strengthening the company’s environmental management, promoting its Eco-friendly products and solutions, and implementing environmental contribution activities.

He joined Fujitsu in 1987 as an engineer in semiconductor development division. He developed some ArF/Electron-Beam lithography technologies for wafer process in his 15 years’ experience in the division. After the experience, he moved to Corporate Environment Strategy Unit to promote environmental activities such as energy-saving of factories and facilities including data centers in his group company.  From 2008 to 2012, he was transferred to Fujitsu Technology Solutions in Brussels to research European environment policy and do lobbying activity across Europe.

He was assigned as a head of the unit in 2016 and has been leading the unit.

He holds a Bachelor and a Master degree of Applied Chemistry from Tokyo University of Science.

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