Pre-Expo questionnaire now online!

Participants are requested to answer the pre-expo questionnaire to assess their understanding of the various issues to be discussed at the NAP Expo. It is also a way to know what participants are expecting to learn and what topics they look forward to join. Participants will complete the same questionnaire at the end of the Expo to assess what they have learned from the various thematic sessions of the 5-day Expo.

The questionnaire has questions about a wide variety of topics that will be covered in this Expo.

Access the pre-expo questionnaire here.

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  1. Kishor Chandra Gautam says:

    It has been new event in my life time. As I realized it was well planned and organized so far. Everyone felt motivated and curious to know every aspects of the Expo. We presented our posters and documents attracted all participants that encouraged us to move forward. Its my duty to report all the events back to my country and make the aware about the process. Thanks for everything to the organizer team for their hard work and patience with we visitors. Thank you.

  2. Alpha AK Jallow says:

    Highly interactive, informative and interesting enhanced sharing of knowledge and learning of issues particularly with issues of GCF