Mariana Rojas Laserna Mariana Roja-Laserna

Mariana Rojas-Laserna works since 2012 at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia at the Climate Change Division in the Adaptation Group. She works in the development of policies, programs and projects in order to facilitate the adaptation at the national, regional and local level. She has been involved in the formulation of the National Adaptation Plan and under this, the territorial plans, particularly in coastal areas. Ms. Rojas-Laserna is part of the Colombian delegation for the international negotiations under the UNFCC following adaptation issues.

Prior to joining the Ministry, she graduated from Wageningen University (Netherlands) of a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences with emphasis in Environmental Policy. She developed her MSc. internship at the Marine Stewardship Council in London at the Standards and Policy Group. Previously, she worked in the National Planning Department in Colombia in the development of environmental policies, mainly marine policies.

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