BenYassin Benon Yassin

Benon Bibbu Yassin

Chief Environmental Officer, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management, Malawi, LEG member

Benon Bibbu Yassin, a member of the LEG since 2012 is a Chief Environmental Officer responsible for environmental information and publications in the Malawi Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management. He is attached to the Environment Affairs Department coordinates implementation and monitoring of Social and Environmental Safeguards for local development projects in the Local Councils. The process include providing technical advice on the design of the Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) including climate change adaptation and mitigation, implementation of the EMPs, their monitoring and also ensuring compliance to environmental policies and legislation.  Benon Bibbu Yassin also participates in Centralized Reviews for Annex 1 National Inventory Reports under the UNFCCC and the Kyoto protocol. Recently, he has been a trainer for Front Line staff in forestry and health sectors on matters of climate change adaptation.

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