The workshops will advance the formulation and implementation of NAPs in the LDCs, and other developing countries that are not LDCs, taking in to account latest developments under the UNFCCC and other relevant processes. Specific objectives include:

  1. To support the countries in designing assessments of climate risk and vulnerability leading to the identification of adaptation priorities (Element B, Preparatory elements of the NAP guidelines);
  2. To provide technical guidance and support to the countries on the design of implementation of NAPs taking into account modalities for accessing financing under GCF, as well as other climate change funding channels (Element C of the NAP guidelines);
  3. To enhance the capacity of the countries in accessing the GCF funding for the formulation of NAPs;
  4. To provide a platform for countries to share experiences and lessons learned and to promote best practices when formulating and implementing NAPs;
  5. To promote South-South and regional collaboration on NAPs.