Happening at the moment: LDC Expert Group regional workshop on NAPs for the LAC region

Twenty-six countries in the LAC region join the UNFCCC regional training workshop on National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) for the LAC region, being held in San Jose from 4 to 7 September, 2017.

The four-day training workshop is hosted by the Government of Costa Rica through the Ministry of Environment and Energy and organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Least Developed Countries Experts Group (LEG) and the NAP technical working group in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (UNDP J-CCCP) and the NAP Global Network.

The workshop is the fourth in a series of workshops being conducted by the LDC Expert Group and the NAP Technical Working Group. It is designed to assist developing countries in the region to advance the formulation and implementation of NAPs through training on the latest tools and guidance from the LEG, taking into account latest developments under the UNFCCC and other relevant processes.

The workshop will be attended by the Green Climate Fund, agencies as well as partner organizations such as Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Environment Programme, World Health Organization, World Meteorological Organization and regional centres and networks such as the NAP Global Network and Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture.

Participants are being trained on how to formulate their country’s National Adaptation Plan through the identification and application of relevant approaches, methods and tools for risk, vulnerability, and adaptation assessments. A special feature of the workshop is on the LEG’s latest guidance to countries called NAP-SDG iFrame. An integrative approach to assessment which shows how NAPs can serve as a vehicle for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as targets under other international frameworks such as the Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction.

This workshop, one of five regional workshops that the LEG is organizing this year, will assist developing countries in this region to advance their work on National Adaptation Plans, and look critically at how climate-resilient development can be achieved”, says Beth Lavender, a member of the LEG.

“The Paris Agreement has affirmed the critical importance of adaptation and has established clear financial support for the formulation and implementation of NAPs through the Green Climate Fund, as well as other relevant sources. Implementation of the NAPs will directly support the achievement of national ambitions set out in Nationally Determined Contributions”, says Dr. Paul Desanker of the UNFCCC, leading the UN team supporting the LEG and the international workshop.

“The NAP process is integral to medium- and long-term climate change planning for many countries and the UNDP J-CCCP is pleased to support knowledge sharing toward the development of country-specific plans”, added Yoko Ebisawa, United Nations Development Programme’s Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (UNDP J-CCCP) Project Manager.


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More information about NAPs available at: http://unfccc.int/nap

More information about the workshop is available at: http://napexpo.org/workshops/lac/

Twitter: @NAP_Central; #NAPWorkshopLAC

More information on the J-CCCP is available at: http://www.adaptation-undp.org/projects/japan-caribbean-climate-change-partnership

And: http://www.bb.undp.org/content/barbados/en/home/operations/projects/crisis_prevention_and_recovery/japan-caribbean-climate-change-partnership.html