Parallel Session 7.5: Regional TEM-A – (GCF): Financing implementation of countries adaptation priorities

Part I: Maximizing Synergies in the Climate Finance Architecture: Lessons learned, opportunities and challenges


The 2018 Biennial Assessment and Overview of Climate Finance Flows (BA) prepared by the UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance estimated total climate finance flows at USD 681 billion in 2016, of which only 2.6 billion were channeled through climate funds. The role of climate funds in promoting synergies and piloting ideas is of paramount importance. Synergies can take place in the form of blended projects, but also in projects that build on each other consecutively, and potentially in parallel projects funded by different mechanisms through different agencies.

The discussion will focus on bringing complementarity and coherence in action by discussing the perspectives of countries, entities, and representatives of Funds. The event will explore instances of successful blending of resources from different climate funds, the drivers behind the success, and the role and experiences of governments and accredited entities.

The event will take panel format, with an input presentation by GCF and guiding questions to panel, providing them opportunity to use no more than 1 side.


  • Discuss how financial flows from the different climate finance mechanisms can be used synergistically in the support of developing countries climate action under the Paris Agreement.
  • Reflect on country experiences to discuss how climate funds and experiences, and lessons in maximizing the use of resources and the impacts achieved.

Expected outcomes

  • Share best practices and experiences;
  • Identify barriers, needs and gaps according to each panellist perspectives and experiences;
  • Portray challenges and means to overcome them;
  • Distinguish opportunities and means to seize them;
  • Provide a cross-cutting adaptation and resilient perspective.

Session speakers

  • Mr. Juan Hoffmaister (GCF)
  • Mr. Emmanuel Kouassi Kouadio (Climate Investment Funds)
  • Ms. Lena Klockemann (GIZ)
  • Mr. Sion Shifa (Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Namibia)
  • Mr. Sum Thy (National Council for Sustainable Development of Cambodia)

Draft agenda


Financial support
Location: Room 309 Date: April 11, 2019 Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am Kouassi Emmanuel Kouadio Lena Klockemann