Information for Exhibitors

Exhibition Overview

  • Venue

2F Grand Ballroom Lobby, Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Republic of Korea

  • Schedule

Booth Set-up/Ingress: 7 April 2019, Sunday, After 15:00 (TBD)

Exhibition Opening: 8 April 2019, Monday, 09:30

Exhibition Duration: 8-11 April 2019, Monday-Thursday, 09:00-17:30

and 12 April 2019, Friday 09:00-15:30

Exhibition Egress: 12 April 2019, Friday, 15:30

Floor Plan (2F Grand Ballroom Lobby)

※ The floor plan is subject to changes according to the conditions.

Booth information

  • Basic inclusions and dimensions

Each booth will be equipped with the following basic inclusions. Booth dimensions are also provided in the table below.

Poster information

  • Format

– Poster Booth Size: W 900cm X H 1500cm

– Use short sentences and avoid long dense text.

– Include references only if essential.

  • Facilities at the Conference Hall

The posters will be displayed throughout the week on panels along the corridor outside of the Grand Ballroom. Double sided tape will be provided at the venue for putting up the posters.

Exhibitors are requested to put up their posters during the week of the event and be removed on Friday, 12 April, 15:30. The posters remaining after 16:00 will be discarded.

  • Note

All exhibitors should prepare and print the hard copy of their posters.


If you are interested to add your exhibit or have requested for a booth, please send your request with a booth title via email to kgaw2019 at cc: NAPexpo at  by 27 March 2019. Please use the subject: Request for Booth Exhibitor KGAW 2019

– The booth title will be printed and shown on the booth as below:

Download PDF copy of the information note for exhibitors.