NAP Expo 2018 hosted by the Government of Egypt

This year’s NAP Expo is happening in Sharm El Sheikh, a city in South Sinai Governorate of Egypt where 200 participants are expected to attend to accelerate action on advancing national adaptation plans as a central vehicle to facilitate adaptation action against the adverse impact of climate change.

The NAP Expo is an annual outreach event organized by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) under the UNFCCC, in collaboration with various bodies and organizations, to promote the exchange of experiences and foster partnerships between a wide range of actors and stakeholders on how to advance National Adaptation Plans (NAPs). It brings together a diversity of Party participants and non-Party stakeholders, including: national leaders and policymakers on NAPs, representatives of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Global Environment Facility, United Nations organizations and other international organizations, bilateral and multilateral agencies, regional centres and networks, and the private sector; as well as key scientists and practitioners on climate change adaptation.

The NAP Expo includes keynotes on latest science and approaches on climate change adaptation, presentations from developing and developed countries and relevant experts on experiences, best practices and lessons learned, and information from relevant bodies, organizations and agencies on support for the formulation and implementation of NAPs.