4.2.1 An interactive, bottom-up engagement with LDCs with coastlines, Coastal adaptation for LDCs: the need for supplementary material to the NAP technical guidelines (GERICS, WMO)

The session will create an opportunity for dialogue between members from LDCs with coasts, scientists and policy-makers to identify the key issues and draft outline for NAP supplementary guidance on coastal adaptation. It will serve as the first step into developing (for LDCs) a needs-based understanding of the guidance required to integrate coastal adaptation in NAPs. It will feed into a second consultation planned to take place at UNFCCC COP 27.

Organizers: GERICS, WMO.

Presentation 1: Intro – Coastal adaptation for LDCs: Why it matters (and how to do it!)

Presentation 2:_WMO_Climate Science Project Outputs

Presentation 3:_GEOBP: Earth Observations in support of Coastal Adaptation Action

Presentation 4:_GERICS – Climate Services for Adaptation

Presentation 5: UNHABITAT_RISE UP

Presentation 6:_Perspectives from Tanzania

Presentation 7: Perspectives from Sierra Leone

Presentation 8: The Coastal Marine Areas of Guatemala

Location: Serondella Rooms Date: August 25, 2022 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm