3.3.3 Opportunities for gender-responsive adaptation planning and action through NAPs (AC, LEG, NAP Global Network)

The event will identify emerging trends, approaches, challenges and opportunities in gender-responsive adaptation in the formulation and implementation of NAPs. It builds on gender-related work of the AC, the LEG and the NAP Global Network including technical guidance to countries and tracking of progress made in gender considerations in NAPs by the LEG; synthesis of gaps and solutions for incorporating gender in adaptation and related events by the AC; support to countries in developing strategies, institutional arrangements and participation, and gender analysis by the NAP Global Network; and a joint toolkit on “Gender-Responsive Process to Formulate and Implement National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)”. It will draw on the experience of countries in applying gender responsiveness in their work on NAPs. The outcomes of the event will help to further inform the work on gender-responsive adaptation by the bodies and other relevant stakeholders.

Organizers: AC, LEG, NAP Global Network 


Location: Moremi 1-3 Date: August 24, 2022 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Ms. Hana Hamadalla Mohamed