NAP Expo 2016

Advancing National Adaptation Plans post-Paris

WHEN 11 - 15 July 2016 08:00
WHERE Bonn, Germany UNFCCC

NAP Expo

Advancing National Adaptation Plans post-Paris

The fourth in the series, this year's NAP Expo includes keynotes on latest science and approaches on climate change adaptation, presentations from developing and developed countries and relevant experts on experiences, best practices and lessons learned, and information from relevant bodies, organizations and agencies on support for the formulation and implementation of NAPs.

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Objectives of the NAP Expo

1. Provide a platform for focused interactions between all Parties and organizations on aspects that advance the formulation and implementation of NAPs;

2. Serve as a forum for sharing experience, best practices, lessons learned, gaps and needs and information on support provided and received in relation to the process to formulate and implement NAPs;

3. Offer a platform for countries to interact with providers of support, including the GCF and GEF, and bilateral agencies as means to improve access to financing for NAPs;

4. Serve as a global forum on NAPs where different organizations and bodies can conduct specialized meetings and workshops with a view to ensuring coherence among the approaches undertaken in supporting countries undertake the process.

Who will attend?

Representatives of Parties to the UNFCCC, UN, international and bilateral organizations, agencies, centers and programmes, experts, scientists and members of civil society.

What are the prime topics this year?

With the new climate agreement still hot off the press, this year's NAP Expo will provide a space for Parties and other stakeholders to discuss how national adaptation plans can serve as the main vehicle for adaptation planning and implementation which in the long term achieve the global goal on adaptation. The topics will include, but not limited to:

(a) Accessing funding from the GCF and other sources of funding for the formulation of NAPs and the subsequent implementation of the NAPs;

(b) Understanding the global goal on adaptation – examining the core elements and alignment to the NAP process

(c) Translating the global temperature limit to the national scale

(d) Examining the linkage of the global goal on adaptation with the sustainable development goals;

(e) Methodologies and tools for undertaking various assessments in the process to formulate and implement NAPs, including the implication of the global temperature target of well below 2 degrees C;

(f) Ways and means to access relevant information on available funding, best available science and knowledge on climate change.

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