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Gladwin's earl esilyn breaks a long run in last saturday's regional lead over muskegon oak ridge. <>gladwin's nick wheeler runs for a touchdown during a game against meridian on september 23, 2022. Gladwin's logan kokotovic rushes across the line in a regional win against muskegon oakridge last saturday.

Gladwin's lincoln mckinnon (54), nick wheeler (8) and gamemates celebrate a touchdown in last saturday's regional victory over muskegon oakridge.

Earl gladwin's esiline races the mountain during last saturday's regional win over muskegon oak ridge. Nick wheeler of gladwin carries the ball in last saturday's regional lead over muskegon oak ridge. Gladwin's logan kokotowicz was knocked to the ground just short of the goal line in last saturday's regional win over muskegon oak ridge. Nick weale gladwin's ep races into the end zone during last saturday's regional victory over muskegon oak ridge. Gladwin coach mark jarstfer leads his team into the allotment for the regional lead last saturday over muskegon oak ridge.

+>The gladwyn football team celebrates with the trophy after beating kingsford at the end of the county on november 5, 2022.

The gladwyn football team poses with the trophy after beating muskegon oak ridge in the regional final last saturday. Gladwin earl esilyen carries the ball in action against claire on october 8, 2021. Logan kokotovic of gladwin carries the ball with the possibility of playing against claire october 8, 2021.

Gladwin's lucas meade fights for yards with an opportunity to play against meridian on september 23, 2022.

Gladwin's kaden mcdonald enters the touchline with the possibility of playing against claire on october 8, 2021.Lincoln mckinnon of gladwin (54) is attracted to a user with a wagon ball opportunity to play against claire on october 8, 2021.

Gladwin football coach mark yarstfer , book. On saturday, his flying g will face an undeniably difficult test. In the meantime, he still realizes that a damn good team. Gladwyn, who finished third (12-0), will meet the best in the list by the catholic center of grand rapids (11-1). At 13:00 division 5 state semi-final at ithaca high, in anticipation of becoming the first team in school history to come into being in the state championship process. Cougars, meanwhile, are familiar with the ford field, having won three straight state championships and five in the past 6 years. At the very least, yarstfer is confident there are weapons to deal with disappointment. “Our company also has a number of really good athletes. In terms of sports, i think we will equal them as thoroughly as others, due to the depth of people who play sports that our confectioners go through (our software) immediately, ”said yarstfer. “It will provide us with a great opportunity from a match position. But really, it's all about satisfying our scheme. Dow's blazey reflects on historic public title, retirement at age 27 Tyler, helping carter "w. Michigan beat central michigan 12:10 "We're going to have a defensive game plan to try to reduce the fact that shows are trying to make and i think cartoons are — manipulations will be performed. Everything,” he added. "It's all about who plays that move more optimally on saturday." G's got to this point by beating ogemaw heights 35-20 and kingsford 59-25 in regular play before finishing fifth place. - Took muskegon oak ridge 26-8 in last saturday's regional final. Ghs scores 47.0 points per process somewhere and only concedes 8.4 points per game. G's shut down five competitors and allowed only three teams to achieve double-digit performance. Gladwin senior quarterback nick wheeler passed over 900 yards and threw 11 touchdowns, and ran over eight hundred yards and 19 tds, in which moment as senior runners earl esiline and logan kokotovich rushed for 1048 yards and 14 td and 833 yards and 11 td respectively. 250 yards and three td. The ghs offense operates behind the line, led by senior lincoln mckinnon at 6ft 2,240lbs and junior logan klein 6-2, 260lbs. In a bygone era as among his fellow linebacker ezeline 63 tackles, db mcdonald and wheeler 60 tackles and 2 interceptions, 48 ​​tackles and five interceptions respectively, also mckinnon 54 tackles, in particular 10 for a loss, overall.All-round senior lucas mead also played a significant role on both sides of the ball. G's will take on a grcc team that beat hackett catholic 56-14 and berrien springs 56. -0 in a close game before portland's debacle , fourth-place finisher, 42-19 in last week's regional final. The cougars are averaging 47.6 ppg and conceding 11.1 ppg and the phone's only loss was 36-34 against grand rapids south christian, the top ranked team in division 4, in week six. “They tend to pass first. They have a lot of athletes and such products do a good job of dispersing visitors and buying their scheme in order to discover guys in interstellar space. They don't have any vulnerabilities in that regard," yarstfer said.

Down,” yarstfer added. “They have a pretty good running back. Despite the fact that these drugs in particular play first of all, in the game with portland they threw only 14 years, and many ran. They can try other things too, which makes you want to see their attack plan on saturday.”

Yarstfer said that grcc is defensively disciplined and never gets rid of an incredible amount of explosive play. , For which his g is very capable. “They are quite primitive, which they create in security, but their sound is very jerky, then the know-how does not allow for a ton of big games. In the beginning it is a recipe for victory - these predictions work in the attack so that they do not recoil from modern various games in protection, ”he said. “Instead, they will try to force the viewer to win the materials on the portal and, finally, give out customers that our company also understands. “In terms of sports, i think we are equal with them approx. Or you also have good matches in the trenches,” he added. “Whoever performs better on saturday wins. Two good teams are working on this.” – Start your day with local news in your inbox – High school dow's blazey reflects on the state's historic title , retiring... - News antonio bar & grill welcomes partners as accident ends - Police and courts midland cop faces drunk driving , weapons...Responding to questions that he should help him become a team to deal with this disorder, yarstfer said that g's should maintain drive and not run into empty possessions.

“Hold the ball, drive it and get points,” he said simply. "I've been telling guys for ages that when our organization has the ball, don't turn it over and put it in, that's a great recipe for success."

The hour gladwin won one regional title in the life of the human society of the agreement and under no circumstances went beyond the state semi-finals, the "catholic center" won the division 4 state championship in 2016, 2017 and 2019. The cougars then moved on to the division 5% winning the state title this year and 2021. Despite the newness of the big scene for such teams, yarstfer said the g's remain relatively stable. “I believe that every psychological preparation) was good enough. . As soon as we are never inside and out in the process of playing ogemaw ... It was pointed out that people need to mentally freshen up, because we are in 3 wins overall from the ford field,” he said. “Being so close at hand and choosing the opportunity to do the indicated, we are forced to bring energy every month, prepare better and slather our full potential.

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