Claas Teichmann

Dr. Claas Teichmann is a scientist at the Climate Service Center Germany in Hamburg, Germany. After studying physics in Göttingen, Lyon and Bremen, he worked in the regional climate modelling group at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. In his PhD, he investigated air pollution in South America caused by mega-cities and biomass burning. Claas Teichmann is involved in several international projects. IMPACT2C, e.g., investigated climate change and its impacts under a 2°C warming. He supports the coordination of the international activity EURO-CORDEX aiming at high resolution regional climate simulations, their analysis and distribution among users. He is co-chair of the CMIP6-endorsed Vulnerability Impact Adaptation and Climate Services Advisory Board (VIACS AB).

In order to bridge the gap between science and practice, he joined the effort in establishing a climate service journal, targeting both, science and practice (

His scientific interest is regional climate modelling and the analysis of climatic extremes in low emission scenarios including the analysis and the understanding of meteorological and chemical processes in the atmosphere and their interactions with focus on the hydrological cycle. In addition, he investigates the model chain and the related uncertainty extending from the climate change signal to the regional and local impact.


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