Parallel session 9B: Long-term adaptation planning and transformation (WRI)

Moderator: Rebecca Carter (WRI)

Synopsis: Discuss the concept of transformative adaptation in agriculture and ideas for how the process to formulate and implement NAPs and NAP-Ag guidelines can help countries identify situations when transformative adaptation may be needed and how to begin planning for it.


  • Introduction to session, speakers and objectives. Participants to introduce themselves, offer their prediction of what agriculture will look like in their country in the future
  • Challenges in agriculture/crop production that will likely arise in the medium to long timeframes: views from different regions
  • Expert view from FAO or CCAFS on the need for transformative pathways for adapting crop production in the medium- and long-term
  • Presentation from WRI on Transforming Agriculture for Climate Resilience Project, focusing on how agricultural transformation can be addressed
  • Discussions and conclusion.

Location: Ballroom 1 Date: April 5, 2018 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Rebecca Helen Carter