Parallel session 4A: Accessing funding from the GCF readiness programme to formulate NAPs/support other adaptation planning processes (GCF, LEG) – Part 2

Practical experiences in adaptation planning to catalyse action and investment for implementation

Moderators: Jason Spensley (GCF Secretariat); Naresh Sharma (Chair of the LEG)

Synopsis: In this second part, participants will gain practical insight on good practices and challenges in adaptation planning activities in the context of the GCF readiness programme.


  1. Introduction
  2. Peer assist discussions in break out groups:Question 1: How to communicate climate information to stimulate domestic and external financing, including addressing barriers for private sector investmentBreak out group 1 (in French):
    • Country host: Hans Andre Djamba, Democratic Republic of CongoBreak out group 2 (in English):
    • Country host: Shirajun Noor Chowdhury, BangladeshQuestion 2: How to enhance adaptation action at sub-national levels and with specific sectors

    Break out group 3 (in English):
    • Country host: TBD

    Break out group 4 (in Spanish):
    • Country host: Astrid Cruz, Colombia

  3. Report from break out groups and closing remarks